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Chili Cookoff

I met Katie, Sarah, and Yasmine in the Graphic Design department at SCAD. We hit it off right away with our mutual love for design and food so when the opportunity arose for us to merge those two loves together, it was a no brainer. We competed in the AIGA Chili Cookoff at SCAD as students in 2015 and won Best Presentation for the Chilly Peppers. We returned in 2016 and 2017 to compete as alumni as the Seasoned Professionals and Impeckable Chicken Chili.

Our Chili Cookoff Team
Sarah Wilson
portrait of Katie Bryl
Katie Bryl
portrait of Sarah Nelson
Sarah Nelson
portrait of Yasmine Faieq
Yasmine Faieq


In our inaugural year of the SCAD Atlanta Chili Cookoff, we chose to go with a reliable traditional chili with a bit of kick, leaning into the branding of our team as much as cooking the chili and walked away with the Best Presentation Award


Though we were no longer eligible for awards as alumnae, we chose to come back and participate for a second year presenting another traditional chili and fun branding paying homage to our newfound careers as employed Graphic Designers.


In our third and last year of competing in the SCAD Atlanta Chili Cookoff, we again went with a punny team name and made white chicken chili.

Impeckable White Chicken Chili, if you will.

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